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       This trip, I was so lucky. I had an opportunity to do collaboration project with the Asia collective to experience some of the most beautiful resorts that they had offer.

       My Bali adventure, I feel like literally every day I am living in a paradise dream. I love exploring all nice places taking a lifestyle photo with my own designed outfits. Travel is also my inspiration to create the new design for TRY by Yorata collection.

      And also the reason why wrote this journal is to give you guys an overview of The idea how to dress up in Bali. Plus photo spot that you shouldn’t missed.

      Bingin beach is quite close to the airport. It took approximately 30-40 minutes with 20 kilometers.


      My favorite activities at Bingin Beach is to take a sunbath, watch the surfers in front. And wait to see the sunset with fireflies.


      Sal's Secret Spot is the boutique bungalow I stay in Bingin beach. This place has an amazing meditation area and pool and it is also one of my favorite photo spot.

YKL X Sal's secret spot X The Asia collective

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