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"We are ready to expand"

TRY by Yorata does handmade swimwear. Every pieces are made with love at Yorata Studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Most of our pieces are sold out after being produced and we have to keep up with the production to satisfy our customers' demand. We are currently focusing on oversea markets through our online store. We also want to expand our designs to boutique store worldwide. 

TRY By YORATA Swimwear

with Unique see through style

Yokelia Rata is the founder and designer of TRY. After graduating from Design and a Ballet Dance she followed her passion to design swimwear that she couldn't find anywhere else.


 Why work with us?

High quality products

We are Bangkok based handmade swimwear manufacturer. We control every part of the production process, from the fabric purchase to the sewing to the final packaging. By controlling every parts of the process we can ensure that the swimwear you purchase will be up to your expectations.


Marketing Collabs

We provide special PR products for collaborating on different projects with your local influencers. We also provide professional photos of celebrities to promote our swimwear in your stores.

Shop  x  Influencer

Wholesale project

Our minimum quantity is 30 SKUs/ 1 color and 1 design


Collaboration project

Special product only at your store.


For collab designed project,you can have

a special colour palette that you want to develop for your store

The design and color can be customized to create uniqueness for customer who want a special one which can tag both brand’s labels together with a minimum order of 30 SKUs/ 1 color and 1 design

We want to be your partner

We have a great reputation. In order to maintain our image,

We only consider swimwear buyers who also work with exclusive product and stores who also have an excellent customer and great reputations.


Please fill the form, We are looking forward to being your partner.


Request our linesheet for the wholesale price 

Which type of business you would like to be our partner?

where would you like to sell our retail product?

*The production of product depends on the queuing of the project, which will be informed before the transaction.

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