Yum dork mai smock sleeve top


Design :
• Long sleeve top
• Smock gathered top
• Swimwear fabric
• Stretchable
• No sponge

Fabric : polyamide 82% elastaine 18%


Special : water resistant nano innovation. The swimsuit will dry faster than the regular swimwear.

Special : waterproof technology dry fast. never see through.

Size & Fit :
• F : adjustable size

Instruction care :
• Hand wash
• No bleach
• Wash in cold water

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  • Waterproof nano innovation

    Our swimsuit has a waterproof nano innovation. Meaning that when customer wear the swimsuit and get inside the water, the water will roll off the resistant fabric. The fabric will stay dry and Light weight. You'll just have to absorb residual water with a towel. The swimsuit will dry faster than the regular swimwear. Normally, a regular swimsuit takes at least 2 hours to dry, but our swimsuit will dry in half hour. Suitable for white colored swimsuit to protect with transparency when wet.


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