Water repellent Antibacterial reusablemask 5 pieces


The outer layer of the fabric is Nano water repellent, which helps you to prevent like water spray and sneezing from others. Furthermore, it last up to 40-50 times.

The reusable mask should be washed regularly and should not be used repeatedly too many times. Importantly, should not touch the outer layer of fabric directly, which will more reduce the infection from virus. The special feature of the mask is anti-bacteria and up to 20 times for washing.


How to wash

  • Hand wash at room temperature with underwear washing products.
  • Hand dry.


How to iron

  • Start ironing from the inner of fabric.
  • Avoid to iron over the elastic because the heat will cause it to deteriorate faster.
  • Iron the outer layer.
  • Fold in half and iron it in the middle to make it into a good shape for reducing the air gap between nose and cheeks.


Did you know? Bacteria are caused by the saliva and sweat, a kind of liquid that is growing and spreading easily.


How important of antibacterial reusable mask

  • To protect the growing of bacteria.
  • To protect from bad smell.
  • To protect the acnes which caused from bacteria.
  • To prevent the fungus that we cannot see to reduce the risks which can be affect to  your skin and lungs.


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